About Us

We are a Team of deeply experienced and innovative Attorneys, Data Specialists and C-Suite Technology Executives with over two decades of experience investigating complex insurance fraud and recovering millions for our clients. Together, we founded Skoop Analytics to provide investigators – Insurance Companies, Law Enforcement Agencies and Specialized Investigative Units – with powerful, data-driven technologies that identify, detect and prevent the payment of fraudulent medical claims.

Medical Provider Fraud costs Insurers billions of dollars annually

This type of insurance fraud is sophisticated and specialized—so defeating it requires a sophisticated and specialized technical solution. Skoop Analytics’ VirtualInvestigator® is the only enterprise-scale, fraud detection software developed specifically to help Insurance Carriers and Investigators attack—and apprehend—medical provider fraud carried out by both opportunistic malicious actors and organized criminal networks.

How does Skoop address the problem?

At Skoop we are redefining the way we approach fraud investigations by leveraging our legal experience and technology. Through the use of data analytics and 20+ years experience investigating organized crime, we offer special investigation units the tools necessary to conduct virtual investigations. With over 100 million records in our repository, the Virtual Investigator analyzes aggregate data in real-time.


Please contact us below and a member of our team will be in touch shortly to schedule a personalized demo. We look forward to showing you how the power of big data, combined with augmented intelligence and machine learning can help your organization unlock new insights, close cases faster, and stay one step ahead of complex fraud schemes.